You can pay your rent, any other charges, and submit maintenance requests online via your Tenant Portal.

Rent is Due on the 1st of each month and is considered late after the 3rd of the month. If the 3rd falls on a weekend or holiday, you have until the next business day before the rent is considered late.


Maintenance requests can also be emailed to
If you are experiencing an AFTER HOURS MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY, please call our answering service at (831) 621-1888

There are few emergencies. Emergencies pertain to issues with fire, flood, uncontrollable water, backed up sewer, electrical problem endangering life, or the smell of gas. Issues with heat, air-conditioning, dishwasher, sprinklers, power outage etc. are not emergencies – though we recognize each of these issues as a priority and will remedy ASAP. For emergencies involving gas or immediate electrical danger, call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000, and if necessary 911.

Moving Out

If the time comes that you would like to give 30 Days’ Notice to Move, please either fill out a 30 Day Notice Form with all residents, or email who can navigate you through this process. From that point, you will receive a move out packet with all relevant information including a Cleaning Guide.