This is the household tips section of the website. Make sure to check back again, because the tips are changed regularly. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something that can save you a lot of money, or just make life a little easier.

1. When dusting your TV, use a cloth dampened with fabric softener. This reduces static on the screen, which draws the dust to it.

2. When moving or rearranging a room, put socks over furniture legs to prevent scratching the floor.

3. To erase scuff marks on linoleum, try toothpaste on a dry cloth, or use a gum eraser like you would with a pencil on paper.

4. Wait for a cloudy day to wash your windows, because then they won’t dry with sunspots.

5. To keep ashtrays clean and manageable, coat the inside of the tray with some floor wax. This will prevent the ash from sticking and make the trays easy to clean.

6. Don’t hang heavy pictures, mirrors or frames above the head of your bed. You can never be too careful living in earthquake territory.

7. Sometimes washing machines need to be washed too. To wash your washer, pour a gallon of distilled vinegar into the washer and set to a warm cycle. The vinegar will cut through built-up soap and leave your washing machine sparkling clean.

8. Scissors too dull? Snip through a piece of sandpaper a couple times and your scissors will get their sharp edge back.

9. To help your baby get to sleep or calm down when with a babysitter, record your voice or your spouses on a tape telling a bedtime story or singing a lullaby. The babysitter can play the recording back to calm the baby when you’re gone.

10. To help lessen the itch of a mosquito bite, soak a cotton ball with vinegar and apply to the bite.

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