You’re on your way to renting one of our properties! My team and I look forward to working with you.

  1. Once you have found a rental in our listings that interests you, please be sure to read the property’s specific details and take a drive by (do not disturb tenants if occupied).

  1. Please review the “CRITERIA FOR TENANCY” on pages 2 and 3 of our Application with all others age 18 and over who intend to reside in the property. Each individual must meet the outlined requirements, while the income requirement can be met as a household.

  1. After these steps have been completed, please contact us at 831.475.1355 to set up a showing appointment. If the rental is still tenant occupied, please keep in mind we can only show the property once a week and the tenant needs 24-hour notice before we can enter the home.


    You may bring applications ready to turn in at a showing if your whole party is present.

  1. Our Application can either be downloaded from our website and printed, or picked up at our office. You can even pick them up after hours as we have some printed for you in a cubby outside of our door. We try to have enough copies to hand out at showings as well. Each individual 18 and over must submit a separate Application. All information must be printed clearly and filled out completely.

  1. Once completed, the Application and appropriate proof of income can be: (1) scanned & emailed to, (2) personally delivered to our office at 1210 Brommer St., Santa Cruz, CA 95062, or (3) dropped in the secure dropbox at our office address after hours.

  1. We will not process an Application until Proof of Income is attached and the $35 processing fee per application is included. The non-refundable Application Fee can be paid by cash or check. An online payment option is available; please note this preference on your application. Please ensure your preferred email address is listed on your application so that we can send you the link for this. A small convenience fee applies.

  1. Please allow 24-48 hours for the processing of an application (additional time may be needed during the busy season or if references do not return calls quickly).

  1. If not approved, we will notify you and follow up with a denial letter in the mail.

  1. If you aren’t approved for the property but are qualified, we will keep your application available for 30 days in case there are other properties we have that you would like to be considered for. You will NOT need to re-apply or re-pay during this 30-day period; you will only need to attend a property showing.

  1. If approved, you will be contacted to re-confirm your interest in the property. A move-in date will be established and a Holding Deposit equal to half of one month’s rent becomes due within 48 hours to hold the property. At that time, you will be given information about any relevant utilities and how to obtain a renter’s insurance policy.

  1. All adults named in the Lease must sign either online via “Doc-U-Sign” or be present on the move-in day to sign the Lease. You can check out a SAMPLE LEASE and ADDENDUMS.

  1. Both the Holding Deposit and remaining Move-In Funds due will be collected in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money Order made payable to “Portola Property Management.” After move in during your tenancy, you can begin using personal checks.

  1. Keys to the property will be available on your scheduled move-in day appointment at our office. At this point we will have already completed a report of the property; we do not do a walkthrough of the property with you.